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Budapest (by WindwalkerNld)

beauty!!! can’t help but reblog

Because of our La Union holiday, I did my homework in advance. Fortunately, I had the whole dorm to myself last Thursday night and having the whole room means having the whole table, too, so I grabbed that chance to get things done. 

I finished my work with the help of Coffitivity. Coffitivity is a website (can also be downloaded from iOS) that has pre-made coffee shop sounds—actual people sounds, not music—where you get to choose between ‘Morning Murmur’, ‘Lunchtime Lounge’, and ‘University Undertones’ as your background. An instant coffee shop brought into your own home. 

I listen to these sounds whenever I can’t secure a place inside my favorite coffee shop, Cafe UK (I know I need to try others pa) then partner it with my own coffee + classical music— works everytime.

Oops, I meant fisheye haha sorry - Anonymous

it’s okay!! I used actual fisheye lens hehe

How did you do the polaroid shots, is that an app or something? - Anonymous

hi, which post are you referring to? I don’t remember posting polaroid images :-)

Some La Union snaps!!
Super having fun right now & how I wish we can stay for a few more days (but school hay). I’m so glad to be spending this holiday with my family in this magnificent place & view.

I now have an idea on what to write on that paper for Monday woohoo

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