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Manila Tales 2.0: Experiences & Gains

The first month of school is not even done yet, but I have a loooot to share with you which I’m not doing the past few days but doing now, all because my academics and my extra-curricular activities are eating me up. But hey, I’m not complaining. I expected this year to be a busy and tiring one for me—which, as of now is—but I can say that I’m happy.

There is just one thing that I suck at when it comes to these things— socializing. I’m more awkward than a turtle, I swear. I’m working with people with high positions and things like that intimidate me. I don’t know how to talk to them because merely asking a simple question makes me want to vomit. I was just never the first-approacher. Anyway, here are some of the snaps!


First day! No professors, as usual.


Another norm: no classes because of a typhoon. And there we were, my dormmates and I, walking to some place the day after Glenda struck. Gago moves


Philo class! I miss our old room.


Gago moves 2. We were stuck in traffic for 4 hours (we were in the province na) because of a vehicular accident that killed a whole family. But no guys, I have a heart. Those were our faces when we still did not have an idea what the traffic was about. We just knew about it when we got home.

PS: I need some eyebrow threading, yes?


Lobby-ing with some DEKADA people after our Sunday classes!


Org work! First airing shift for the 1st semester with Graziela & Pam! I was nervous at first because I don’t know how to use the audio mixer and those BTC stuff but it all faded when I started to grasp how to work with them. It’s fun!!


No prof snaps. Idk why I look pissed or maybe it’s just normal


My blockmates during Phil Hist class. I feel offended. Kidding, haha. One thing I love about this semester is I get to study two history classes— PHIST & HST 301B. I’m also taking PSY 1 which I’m excited about because Psychology is one of the two majors I would love to take if I had to major in science, the other one being Medical Technology.


Dorm night with my former dormmates! We ordered 15 for the BBQs pa lang…


Bigger task yesterday. I was assigned to staff for the live coverage of the SONA 2014! I looove the job it’s just that it would be more helpful if I’m majoring in Comm Arts. But anyway, it’s for experience na rin & new learnings.

I don’t have any pictures of my other work but I’ll make sure to have one next time to share the experience with you. 

New experiences = new gains, literally & figuratively (you won’t stop eating if you’re around UST I swear). Anyway, these are the things I realized the past few days:

  • Work isn’t a burden if you’re doing it gladly. But I cannot fathom that idea when studying for NatSci. IT’S KILLING ME. And oh, it’s my no-class-day companion.
  • Time management. Innit.
  • In a world full of influences, you’re going to feel irrelevant at some point but that doesn’t mean you should quit. Even those persons you’re intimidated by were just like you, it’s just that they reached their peak earlier than you..

HS Diaries: Party 528-2

For St. Scho’s foundation day celebration, the committee makes it possible to have a ‘party’ in one of its programs, an event proposed by the former principal. They invite local DJs, bands, and performers for us to party on. Just last February, I was able to attend one again but as an alumna this time.

Fact: The party was called ‘Party 528’ because it runs from 5pm - 8pm (yes that’s considered a party for a school run by nuns). Party 528-2 this year to indicate its second year. 


Went straight to St. Scho after my classes in Manila. This was the view past 5pm and you can see the stage and the performers. Actually, there are people partying below the stage.


I also met up with some batchmates, and former teachers while waiting for other senior classmates. These are some of the polaroid shots courtesy of Maan.


I told you, there’s a party and when they do it, they do it hard. {credits: Tinni Garbes}


Alumni party-goers


IV-Understanding batch 2013! We were gladly given permission to enter the coordinators’ room to visit our former adviser. We missed Mommy Maggie so much and I’m sure she missed her ‘brendas’ as well. And wow, we’re 14!!


Another nostalgic moment: I was able to ride my school service again and experience the McDo runs we used to do during early dismissals, evening version though haha. So much memories.

The first thing I heard from a teacher the moment I entered the campus was “Uy, welcome back!” It was really heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time— heartwrenching for the fact the whenever I visit my alma mater, the only thing that comes into my mind is, "It’s good to be back home," and not “I study here.”

  1. I really miss you. We really miss you. I wasn’t listening to them, but they’ve proven to me that you really did change after what you did to them. You weren’t doing the right thing, you were ruining it. I never saw you as someone who will use one to have what you want, you were never that.
  2. No matter how many times you guys fail to surprise me on my birthdays, I’ll love you still. You guys are my birthday wishes every year and showing your faces is more than enough for me. Thank you for giving me more than that this time.
  3. My fears came to reality after realizing the current state of our friendship. You know we both hate those ‘1-year friendships’ and why does it feel like we are having one?
  4. You’ve been so inconsiderate about this whole moving-in thing and I’m still trying to comprehend you, but please just this time, do something that you know will be worth it. Don’t be such a stuck-up, bad-wise girl.
  5. Don’t act like you’re okay. I’m somehow guilty because of what happened but if you won’t talk, the burden will always be there.

(credits // photo: weheartit.com | dear you: callherhollywood.tumblr.com)

Historical Trip: Baluartes

Series 2 of Bea and I’s Intramuros trip. These has got to be my favorites out of all the attractions we saw. We were lucky to see these baluartes with very few people around—yes, only the two of us with Kuya Jordan and his son and very very few tourists.

By the way, I searched for the English equivalent of the Spanish word ‘baluarte’ because we didn’t have an idea what it meant (even on the whole course of the trip), all we know is, baluarte is a place for cannons and other artilleries. Anyway, baluarte means ‘rampart' or 'bastion' in English, or the walls that protect a town/city. I now know why it's called the Walled City.


Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao (free). Built in 1592 then renovated in 1622 to prevent threats and further invasions.


Baluarte de San Andres (free). Built in the early 1600s. Those are the underground prisons that can’t be entered.


Baluarte de San Diego (P100 with 50% discount for students). Built in 1586. This was our most favorite baluarte out of all the ones we saw. Will have a detailed post for this baluarte.


No. 1 Victoria Street (not allowed to be visited). This was the headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur, and was abandoned in 1941 during the retreat of the Fil-Am forces to Bataan and Corregidor.


Baluarte de Santa Barbara (P75 for non-students, P50 for students). The baluarte inside Fort Santiago.

We saw a total of 5 baluartes—other still intact, others destroyed. I was left in awe when I saw these ramparts that took part in our country’s defeats and victories dating years ago (though they’re not really preserved that well). It’s just so bad the underground prisons weren’t allowed to be visited. I would kill to go inside those prisons.

Historical Trip: Intramuros

My Intramuros post will be divided into several posts and this will just be a general one for the places that didn’t correspond to any category.

Our original plan was to tour it by feet (I know we’re fools) bec obviously we had no I idea how big Intramuros is. Good thing we were so tired from walking around the National Musuem, we just agreed to take Kuya Jordan’s offer. 

The pedicab offer of Kuya Jordan at P200 per 30 minutes

The whole tour made us see the things I expected to see—ruins, old houses, sculptures, churches and old streets.

a. abandoned and old establishments

The original campus of the Philippine Military Academy from 1904 then eventually moving to the now Baguio campus 4 years later

An abandoned museum

b. Real Street

The Vigan feels

The cobble stone house that is full of shops

Interior of one of the shops

Casa Manila Museum sign

Bea and I hesitated to enter at first because it had an entrance fee but the staff told us we can view the little garden for free

and so we did

Very Spanish but I remembered Letters to Juliet when I saw this house, idk why

Because we didn’t have anyone with us, the only choice we had were selfies but we were failing at it. A woman in her late 50s touring a foreigner was kind enough to take our picture with that fountain as our background, it turned out she was the manager of the museum.

c. Manila Cathedral Sculptures

St. Peter

La Pieta’s replica

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